[icinga-users] Downtime Still Sending Notifications

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Thu Jan 31 00:10:39 CET 2013

    On Wed, 30 Jan 2013, Ryan Frizzell wrote:

> Michael,
> When i submit downtime through the new ui. The command comes through in the
> log as :
> [1359581723] EXTERNAL COMMAND:
> SCHEDULE_SVC_DOWNTIME;myhost.mydomain.com;service
> process;1359585415;1359705600;1;0;7200;rfrizzell;accept my downtime already
> its odd that a good portion of the hosts actually do go into downtime.

    Out of curiosity, are you running a large number of passive checks
and what's the setting of "external_command_buffer_slots" in your
icinga.cfg file?  Some of the submissions for downtime may be getting
lost if there are not enough available slots for them.

    That the comment is there, but the actual downtime is not, I find


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