[icinga-users] icinga host config or adding new objects

Mike Dopp MDopp at parkcitygroup.com
Mon Mar 4 19:31:27 CET 2013

Using Ubuntu 12.10 server. icinga with idoutils and icinga-web (Latest (1.8)).

Have ability to see hosts if I add them in the localhost_icinga.cfg

however from my understanding you can create a host.cfg based on systems.

example: windows.cfg to monitor all windows machines via NSclient++ (similar to Nagios)

Everytime I create a new host.cfg icinga either gives me a duplicate error or it does not like the define host line.

Example: (localhost_icinga.cfg working)

define host{

use generic-host

host_name mikedoppdesk

alias mikedoppdesk

address }

However if I create a windows.cfg


define host{

use windows

host_name mikedoppdesk

alias mikedoppdesk



and use: /usr/sbin/icinga -v /etc/icinga/icinga.cfg

output error line 1 windows.cfg or duplicate errors.

*icinga is installed on /etc/icinga/ The objects are located in the /etc/icinga/objects folder with templates and such.

I currently want to get this setup for multiple windows servers, Red Hat servers and numerous switches.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Do I create a windows.cfg, Ubuntu.cfg, switch.cfg, router.cfg,

Please advise. Possibly the hierarchy of how icinga understands the config files.

Does it require me to edit the hosts file for ever host?

I have been chasing the icinga web docs trying to get a straight answer.

I know I am missing something critical but cannot find rhyme or reason.

Please educate. Thanks in advance.

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