[icinga-users] IDOMOD suggestion

Marko Vainiokangas marko.vainiokangas at atea.se
Thu Mar 7 09:58:09 CET 2013

At the moment IDOMOD will log into the database any statechanges, however, that's based on the warning and critical levels set on the check (from what I can see).
Even if there's a large variation in the results, it's still not interpreted as a statechange.

For instance if the service is OK, but the CPU load is just below the warning level, it's not displayed in the icinga_statehistory log. Even if for instance there's a 27% cpu load for 8 hours but the last state change was at 3% it's last entry will be 3% in the icinga_statehistory table.

And icinga_logentries isn't connected to object_ids so pulling out the actual reported values from the checks means building a parser, which has already been done in idomod.

Would it be possible to add a flag in the idomod.cfg or similar location to always add an icinga_statehistory entry if the long_output differs from the previous entry?

I'm using Icinga 1.7.4 with IDO2DB 1.7.4 and LOG2IDO 1.7.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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