[icinga-users] Setup Icinga for high availability and scalability

Peter Albrecht albrecht at opensourceservices.de
Mon Mar 11 17:38:19 CET 2013


Regarding scenario 2 in chapter 7.7 of the Icinga documentation (failover 
between master and slave and keeping the status information of hosts and 
services in sync): Could this be done using a remote database? I.e., the 
master writes the information to the database and when the slave takes 
over it reads the current status from the database. Or does that make no 

A more general question: What would be the preferred method of making 
Icinga highly available? Using the default cluster setup using Pacemaker 
(on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) and defining Icinga as a resource? The 
database would (most probably) be on a separate system.

And finally: I need a scalable setup for Icinga. Is there a comparison 
available for mod_gearman and DNX? Could someone share their experience 
with either of these solutions?

Thanks a lot,


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