[icinga-users] Using action_url from icinga service definition in icinga-web

Marco Hoyer m.hoyer at ecktown.net
Thu Mar 14 18:05:38 CET 2013

Hello all,

I've read something about how to pnp4nagios in Icinga-Web.
Using snipplets in icinga-web/app/modules/Cronks/data/xml/extensions is a straight forward way.
I now want to have some complex urls getting queried when I click on the perfdata Icon to integrate Graphite (http://graphite.wikidot.com/).
My idea was to configure the url as the services action_url parameter and add this to be used in the template like this:

                        <parameter name="namespace">Cronk.grid.IcingaColumnRenderer
                        <parameter name="function">imagePopup</parameter>

                        <parameter name="type">cellclick</parameter>

                        <parameter name="arguments">
                            <parameter name="booleanConfitionField">pnp4nagios_service_image_hover
                            <parameter name="title">Image for
                            <parameter name="url"><![CDATA[{service_action_url}]]></parameter>
                            <parameter name="width">500</parameter>
                            <parameter name="height">300</parameter>

Problem is, that I can't see anything. The variable is empty.
Is there anyone being able to give me an advice on how to do something like this?

king regards
Marco Hoyer
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