[icinga-users] trying to follow 'own grid based views' wiki

Leto Tokarev leto at irisz.hu
Thu Mar 21 15:03:12 CET 2013


Icinga 1.8.3
Icinga-web 1.8.0

I'm trying to follow this manual by adding a simple field coming from a 
different database to my hostgrid template

As far as I don't merge data from external database it's working fine.

After including the merge, (Now add a second merge definition to the 
EXAMPLE_VIEW_HOST field and you're done:)

I get these:

  [fatal] Uncaught Doctrine_Connection_Mysql_Exception: SQLSTATE[42S02]: 
Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'icinga.objects' doesn't exist. 
Failing Query: "SELECT COUNT(*) AS num_results FROM (SELECT 
i.host_object_id FROM icinga_hosts i INNER JOIN objects i2 ON 
i.host_object_id = i2.object_id INNER JOIN hoststatus i3 ON 
i.host_object_id = i3.host_object_id GROUP BY i.host_object_id) 

Somehow it uses 'icinga.objects' instead of 'icinga.icinga_objects'.

What do I miss?

Relevant snippets:


// Connection Component Binding
Doctrine_Manager::getInstance()->bindComponent('Geodata', 'geomap');
 						this was 'default', no
 						difference whatsoever

Everything else is by the wiki.

Where should I look next?
Many thanks,,


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