[icinga-users] service notification behavior on UP state

Joseph Spenner joseph85750 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 28 23:19:25 CET 2013

I'm running Version icinga-web/v1.5.1 and have been pretty happy with everything so far.   Today I noticed something unexpected and am curious if there's a good explanation.  I have a postgress server being monitored with some service checks (transaction locks, transaction time, transaction idle, etc).
My transaction locks check also has a period of time where it does not notify when backups occur, since they tend to cause some of my checks to fire.
Today I had a legitimate lock, which occurred after my backups.  I got notifications, as I would expect.  However, after everything was corrected, I never got a "OK" notification.  I checked the mail logs, and one was never sent.  However, there exists an entry in the State-History for that check with a green OK.  I just never got the email.
Is there a special config which might be responsible?
My Attempt threshold is set to 3, which it reached.  After that, I received 2 more notifications since the issue still existed.  But after it was resolved, the OK email never got sent.

Any info or explanation would be great.


Joseph Spenner

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