[icinga-users] Issue with icinga-mobile after change of IP

Mikael.Schmidt at ixx.se Mikael.Schmidt at ixx.se
Fri Mar 29 21:06:50 CET 2013


I'm currently working on a POC to replace current monitoring system with Icinga. One step is to gain simple access via smartphones using icinga-mobile. I had it running perfectly, then changed the IP address of the Icinga server and after that it doesn't work anymore. I get an error on the webpage saying "Missing config parameter". The text itself is hardly readable since it has the same colour as the background (greyish). There is only the greyish background, nothing to click. I've cleared the icings-web cache just to make sure that wasn't causing any issue, however icings-web works perfect after the IP address change. I've also recompiled & reinstalled icinga-mobile including removing /usr/local/icinga-mobile. I've also restarted the server just to make sure nothing was cached in memory but to no effect.

What I did after I changed the IP address was to edit lib/Model/IcingaConfiguration.js and replace the old IP address with the new IP address and ran make compile ; make install
Any ideas what needs to be done to solve this?


Mikael Schmidt

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