[icinga-users] icinga-web doesn't display services of hosts in a PENDING state

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 19:17:46 CET 2013

On 13.03.2013 18:15, Megerman, Joshua wrote:
> I’m in the process of setting up a new instance of icinga (well, a 
> replacement for my current nagios system), and I just noticed 
> something peculiar about the icinga-web interface. When you first add 
> a host, it is listed in a ‘PENDING’ state until the first host check 
> happens. While in that state, you can see the number of services (and 
> their status in general, since service checks can happen before host 
> checks), and you can see the host in the HostStatus page, but you 
> can’t see the service detail anywhere (either the ServiceStatus page 
> and it’s like, or the Services for <host> page).
> In the classic interface, you see the services just fine, with the 
> host in a gray pending state. While this isn’t that big a deal, I’m 
> setting up some test hosts, plus some distributed ones that aren’t 
> going to be actively checked, and not being able to see the status 
> detail on all the services regardless of host state is a problem. You 
> can’t even filter for HostStatus=Pending, as it’s not included as a 
> status…
> I know it’s probably not a high priority, but it is a bug. Otherwise, 
> I’m rather impressed with what I’ve seen so far!

might be good to join the discussion currently going on.

> Thanks,
> Josh
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