[icinga-users] poor performance on icinga reload (ido2db)

Aravind M D aravind at linuz.in
Fri Mar 22 07:10:08 CET 2013

>> 25s isn't that much. my dev box with a variety of config specialities
>> for testing all possible configurations takes ~80s with 4k services 
>> on a
>> dualcore vm. no tuning applied to mysql 5.1.66 on debian squeeze.
> If the goal is to have double the hosts and services per host, a
> reload may take 50s. That's a big problem if you have to reload quite
> often.

We are also facing a long startup delay of 180s for icinga configured 
with idoutils.

Hosts: 850
Services: 9000

Icinga: 1.8.4-1~debmon70+1
Icinga-idoutils: 1.8.4-1~debmon70+1
Mysql: 5.5.28+dfsg-1

We have not done any tuning for database because we are not sure what 
needs to be done to reduce the delay.

It will be great if someone can share details how to reduce the startup 



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