[icinga-users] Issue with icinga-mobile after change of IP

Mikael.Schmidt at ixx.se Mikael.Schmidt at ixx.se
Fri Mar 29 22:25:57 CET 2013


I'm not testing it from a mobile device, I'm testing it from a web browser
(both Safari and Chrome and they both worked previously). I am going to an
IP address, not name so DNS caching isn't the issue, if it was I wouldn't
get that error message with the same gray colour that's on the original

Mikael Schmidt

On 3/29/13 9:48 PM, "Daniel Parthey"
<daniel.parthey at informatik.tu-chemnitz.de> wrote:

>Mikael.Schmidt at ixx.se wrote:
>> I'm currently working on a POC to replace current monitoring system with
>> Icinga. One step is to gain simple access via smartphones using
>> icinga-mobile. I had it running perfectly, then changed the IP address
>>of the
>> Icinga server and after that it doesn't work anymore. I get an error on
>> webpage saying "Missing config parameter". The text itself is hardly
>> since it has the same colour as the background (greyish). There is only
>> greyish background, nothing to click. I've cleared the icings-web cache
>> to make sure that wasn't causing any issue, however icings-web works
>> after the IP address change. I've also recompiled & reinstalled
>> including removing /usr/local/icinga-mobile. I've also restarted the
>> just to make sure nothing was cached in memory but to no effect.
>> What I did after I changed the IP address was to edit
>> lib/Model/IcingaConfiguration.js and replace the old IP address with
>>the new
>> IP address and ran make compile ; make install Any ideas what needs to
>> done to solve this?
>Does your icinga-mobile still work from a normal browser?
>If access fails from mobile only, try to ping the hostname from your
>and check if it already pings the new IP. Some mobile providers seem to
>long caching times (around 24h) for DNS entries. Just waiting a day might
>in this case.
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