[icinga-users] Hosts are not moved into new groups via assign where clause in icinga 2

Gaston Gloesener gaston.gloesener at web.de
Mon Aug 4 20:10:13 CEST 2014

I am currently trying some alternatives for network monitoring and now am with a brand new installation of icinga 2.0.1 and icinga-web 1.11.1.


I have tried to create new hostgroups by editing groups.conf and adding like:


object HostGroup "network-switches" {

  display_name = "Network Switches"


  assign where host.vars.type == "switch"



Then the file defining the actual switch:


object Host "switch22" {

  import "generic-switch"


  address = ""


  vars.os = "Netgear"

  vars.sla = "24x7"

  vars.host_type = "switch"



The hosts appear in icinga-web, but not the host groups. Previously I have added linux servers which did correctly group in the predefined linux-servers group .


Icinga2 --validate, validates the configuration, and I have tried to send SIGHUP as well as restarting icinga2.


The validation message confirms that all 4 groups have been read:


[2014-08-04 20:04:08 +0200] information/ConfigItem: Checked 4 HostGroup(s). 


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