[icinga-users] After update to 2.0.2 Icinga don't read my old certificate

Alfonso Pace alfonsopace at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 15:25:48 CEST 2014

I updated my icinga to 2.0.2 version but I have this error in startup:
critical/SSL: Error on bio X509 AUX reading pem file
'/root/icinga-ca/icinga2c.crt': 537346050,
[2014-08-07 15:18:26 +0200] critical/ApiListener: Cannot get certificate
from cert path: '/root/icinga-ca/icinga2c.crt'.

Why, if my old installation (v2.0.1) worked fine before the update, now I
have this error?
I have my cert in /root/icinga-ca folder and all file have 644 permission
and own icinga:icinga

My api file is this one:
object ApiListener "api" {
  cert_path = "/root/icinga-ca/" + NodeName + ".crt"
  key_path = "/root/icinga-ca/" + NodeName + ".key"
  ca_path = "/root/icinga-ca/ca.crt"


It's a bug or when I update to new version, I have to create new
Or it's another problem?
Thanks in advance.

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