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Hans Scheffers hans.scheffers at outlook.com
Mon Aug 11 13:54:41 CEST 2014

We are running icinga 1.10.2 (on ppc, no newer packages are yet released for ppc) on OpenSuse 13.1I have to linux partitions, that are able to do the cehcks on our computers, and at the moment, the primary server does 7500 service checks on 306 servers. Although the latency is low (0.2s for service checks), i would like to make a distributed monitoring system where the primary server does the checks on the production site, and the secondary does the DRS.
I started with 25 servers / 600 checks on the secondairy server at the DRS and send_nsca, but after 30 minutes, the latency on the secondairy server begin to grow, due to send_nsca sending all check_results to the central server per check.
I googled a bit and stumbled on ocsp sweeper, OCP daemon and nagixsc, but they are all somewhat older from releases. As i can't easily switch to icinga2 at the moment (a lot of checks are custom made and have to be tested first under icinga2), i am looking for the best implementation of nsca or an alternative.,,, has anyone a suggestion and why they are using that solution?
Hans Scheffers
AIX / Linux Systeembeheer
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