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Hans Scheffers hans.scheffers at outlook.com
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Hi Michael,
No specific reason why we run OpenSuse on prod server, it has been that way a long time here :)By  the two partitions i meant we have two IBM P7's that both have a linux partition aside from the aix partitions running on it.. Has someone already tried to run icinga on aix? ;)
I will start converting icinga 1.10 -> icinga 2... but will take some time... ;)

Hans Scheffers

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Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 16:13:13 +0200
From: michael.friedrich at netways.de
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Subject: Re: [icinga-users] icinga 1.xx distributed monitoring‏

Am 11.08.2014 13:54, schrieb Hans Scheffers:


We are running icinga 1.10.2 (on ppc, no newer packages are yet released for ppc) on OpenSuse 13.1

Any specific reason to use OpenSUSE on a prod server?

I have to linux partitions, that are able to do the cehcks on our computers, 

I don't understand the meaning of that.

and at the moment, the primary server does 7500 service checks on 306 servers. Although the latency is low (0.2s for service checks), i would like to make a distributed monitoring system where
the primary server does the checks on the production site, and the secondary does the DRS.

I started with 25 servers / 600 checks on the secondairy server at the DRS and send_nsca, but after 30 minutes, the latency on the secondairy server begin to grow, due to send_nsca
sending all check_results to the central server per check.

Common (performance) problem, inherited from the Nagios architecture in Icinga 1.x

I googled a bit and stumbled on ocsp sweeper, OCP daemon and nagixsc, but they are all somewhat older from releases.

Workarounds in the end. One of those reasons for Icinga 2 as rewrite from scratch.

As i can't easily switch to icinga2 at the moment (a lot of checks are custom made and have to be tested first under icinga2),

I would definitely go that direction, no matter what.


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