[icinga-users] Exceptions after installing Icinga2 and Icinga-Web

Daniel Bareiro daniel-listas at gmx.net
Sat Aug 23 23:10:55 CEST 2014

On 20/08/14 09:05, Michael Friedrich wrote:

Hello, Michael.

Thanks for responding.

>> For this I am doing some testing on a virtual machine with Debian
>> GNU/Linux Wheezy. I decided to install packages using the Debian
>> Backports repository, since I saw there the version of the Icinga core
>> is slightly newer compared to the version published by Icinga
>> repositories (2.0.2 vs 2.0.1). The exact versions of the packages are
>> the following:
>> Icinga core: 2.0.2-1~bpo70+1
>> Icinga web:  1.11.1-1~bpo70+1
>> The installation procedure which I used was mentioned by someone in
>> this mailing list [1].

> The installation procedure should be done followed by the official
> documentation, not a random one.

Yes, I was read this [1] documentation; but beyond existing packages in
different distributions, I did not find any particular considerations to
keep in mind when doing an installation by this method.

>> But since yesterday I've been struggling with packages installation in
>> Debian. Basically, it does not work. The interface displays a message
>> saying "no data" (not even it shows localhost). The interface
>> constantly is reloaded ("Icinga is currently reloading" - No valid
>> status data is available and interface does not respond as usual) and
>> several popups are displayed indicating that there were several
>> exceptions:
>> Request failed
>> The server encountered an error:
>> Internal Exception, check your logs!
>> I wonder if this may be a bug in the Debian package which has not been
>> informed, to open a bug report to fix it and we all are benefited.

> icinga2 and icinga-web are two separate projects, and you should
> consider that when looking for errors for one of them (not mixing them
> up in the end).

Yes, I know. But as I was not sure if it was something on the
configuration from one of the two components specifically or symptom
resulting in the interaction of both configurations, I spoke in general
with all that I could see.

>> I've been reviewing the logs and this is what I found on them:
>> /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log:
>> [2014-08-20 07:40:18 -0300] warning/PluginUtility: Error parsing
>> performance data 'time=0,028517s;;;0,000000;10,000000': Invalid
>> performance data unit: ,028517s

> That's a known issue with a different locale dumping float values with a
> ',' (german locale) instead of the plugin api specification with '.'.
> You can workaround the issue by setting the LC_NUMERIC variable in your
> initscript.
> It's currently discussed in https://dev.icinga.org/issues/6857

Thanks for the reference.

>> /var/log/icinga-web/debug-2014-08-20.log:
>> ...
>> [Wed Aug 20 10:45:20 2014] [fatal] Uncaught AppKitPHPError: PHP Error
>> Argument 1 passed to AppKitExtJsonDocument::hasFieldBulk() must be of
>> the type array, null given, called in
>> /usr/share/icinga-web/app/modules/Cronks/models/Provider/SystemPerformanceModel.class.php
>> on line 131 and defined
>> (/usr/share/icinga-web/app/modules/AppKit/lib/json/AppKitExtJsonDocument.class.php:180)
>> (/usr/share/icinga-web/app/modules/AppKit/lib/logging/AppKitExceptionHandler.class.php:52)
>> [Wed Aug 20 10:45:20 2014] [fatal] Uncaught AppKitPHPError: PHP Error
>> array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given
>> (/usr/share/icinga-web/app/modules/Cronks/models/Provider/StatusSummaryModel.class.php:264)
>> (/usr/share/icinga-web/app/modules/AppKit/lib/logging/AppKitExceptionHandler.class.php:52)

> Afaik that's fixed in Icinga Web 1.11.2 but you might query the bug
> tracker for it.

Thanks for the observation. I installed Icinga web 1.11.1 (from Debian
Backports repository) and I did not have this problem.

>> Both seem to be recurring errors. I think that the exception for
>> popups must be linked to records in the
>> /var/log/icinga-web/debug-2014-08-20.log, although I'm not sure if
>> this will have any relation on the errors in
>> /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log.

> It does not, as mentioned above.


>> On the other hand, I have observed that "icinga" (created manually)
>> and "icinga2idomysql" (created by the packages) databases seem to have
>> exactly the same 59 tables. That's right? Although only the second
>> database seems to contain information for hosts and services as I've
>> seen in the icinga_hosts and icinga_services tables.

> The DB IDO schema is the very same, shipped by the sources and packages.
> Debian packages only use a separate user/password/database name for
> their automated db setup (don't know why, ask the packagers).

I installed the same version of Icinga 2 (2.0.2-1~bpo70+1) with Icinga
web 1.11.1-1~bpo70+1 choosing to tell to the installer package does not
create the IDO schema. Then I create the database manually and import
the tables, I had not this problem of exceptions, although, as you said,
seemed to be a bug in Icinga web.

Now I've seen some bugs eventually shown on a counter that appears in
the upper right corner, but it disappeared when I entered the admin
section. I will write about this in a separate email (to avoid mixing
issues) when it occurs again.

>> I was reviewing the /usr/share/icinga-web/app/config/databases.xml file.

> Don't edit internal configuration, but stick with /etc/icinga-web as
> mentioned in the README.Debian and additional documentation.

I was reading the /usr/share/doc/icinga-web/README.Debian file. There
they say:

  * If you want to to use different database connection settings
    modify the file
    and comment the includes of the auto generated xml files

I thought it was the /usr/share/icinga-web/app/config/databases.xml file.

>> Here I've tried changing the following:
>> <ae:parameter
>> name="dsn">mysql://icinga:icinga@localhost:3306/icinga</ae:parameter>
>> to
>> <ae:parameter
>> name="dsn">mysql://icinga2-ido-mysq:password@localhost:3306/icinga2idomysql</ae:parameter>
>> and:
>> <ae:parameter
>> name="dsn">mysql://icinga_web:icinga_web@localhost:3306/icinga_web</ae:parameter>
>> to
>> <ae:parameter
>> name="dsn">mysql://icinga_web:password@localhost:3306/icinga_web</ae:parameter>
>> But I keep getting exceptions.
>> I hope you can guide me with this problem.

> Consider firing up your browser's dev console and catching the errors as
> mentioned here:
> https://wiki.icinga.org/display/testing/Icinga+Web+Testing#IcingaWebTesting-Debugging

Thanks for the reference. I had consulted it before writing to the
list. From there I got some things that I was reviewing. But as I had
not found anything that could be directly related with exceptions, I
decided to write.

Thanks again for your reply and your time.

Best regards,


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