[icinga-users] Scheduling initial checks for some service checks

Jamila Khan jamila at palantetech.coop
Fri Aug 1 00:01:03 CEST 2014

Hi folks,

Thanks all for the amazing work on Icinga, it's working pretty great for me.

I have one issue that isn't an issue with Icinga at the core, but I am wanting to try to modify Icinga to get around it.
I use the check_domain script to check the expiration dates of domains of several of my clients.
However, pir.org limits the number of whois requests to 4 per minute. http://pir.org/resources/faq/
Most of my clients are .org addresses, so whois checks there and only there.

In the initial scheduling of services whenever I restart it, Icinga ends up scheduling the service checks close enough that it trips the pir.org limiter and I start getting timeouts. 

Is there a way to tell Icinga to schedule a certain group of service checks to always be a minute apart?
I don't want my other active checks to be that far apart. I've changed max_concurrent_checks to be 1, and max_service_check_spread to be 180.
I could up max_service_check_spread to be closer to the number of checks that I have, but I'm hoping there is a better solution.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,


Jamila Ruya Khan
jamila at palantetech.coop

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