[icinga-users] Remote commands not working between master and client.

Henti Smith henti at geekware.co.za
Mon Nov 2 11:21:58 CET 2015

I'm having a very strange problem.

I have a master with some clients connected. We had an outage in the DC,
but once everything was back up, some hosts were up, but all services were

Forcing checks via the web interface had no result, but also no errors.

Checking debug logs shows not indication that remote checks arrived or that
the checks were run on remote sites.

I don't even know where to start troubleshooting this, so here is the zone
and API configs.

object Endpoint "bfshqprdnaux01.bfs.domain4.local" {
        host = "bfshqprdnaux01.bfs.domain4.local"

object Zone "master" {
        endpoints = [ "bfshqprdnaux01.bfs.domain4.local" ]

object Endpoint "bfsisprdndbs03.bfs.domain4.local" {
        host = ""

object Zone "bfsisprdndbs03.bfs.domain4.local" {
        //this is the local node = "bfsisprdndbs03.bfs.domain4.local"
        endpoints = [ "bfsisprdndbs03.bfs.domain4.local" ]
        parent = "master"

object ApiListener "api" {
  cert_path = SysconfDir + "/icinga2/pki/" + NodeName + ".crt"
  key_path = SysconfDir + "/icinga2/pki/" + NodeName + ".key"
  ca_path = SysconfDir + "/icinga2/pki/ca.crt"

  accept_config = false
  accept_commands = false

  ticket_salt = TicketSalt

any help would be appreciated.


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