[icinga-users] external authentical and different admin users

Hubert Plociniczak hplociniczak at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:02:38 CET 2015


we have one older setup of Icinga Web 2 where users are authenticated
externally (Kerberos) and they immediately get admin rights.
Unfortunately when we tried to set Icinga on a different machine, with
exactly the same configuration, authenticated users no longer get the right

In other words this used to work (roles.ini):
users = "*"
permissions = "*"
groups = "Administrators"

but now it doesn't and we have to explicitly mention users one by one (no
wildcards seem to be allowed). This kind of defeats the purpose of the
external authentication for our use case.

This seemed to have changed in the latest release (clean latest CentOs

Is that expected, can we have wildcards somehow back, or is there a

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