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Bertalan Voros bertalan.voros at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 12:55:58 CET 2015


I have just discovered the following issue affecting our Windows servers
that have version 2.3.11 installed.

The disk is displayed as OK even though there is only 2% left.

[image: Untitled picture.jpg]

The default according to command plugins conf:

vars.disk_wfree = "20%"
vars.disk_cfree = "10%"
vars.disk_inode_wfree = "20%"
vars.disk_inode_cfree = "10%"
vars.disk_megabytes = true

No change after having these values added to hosts.conf.

vars.disks["disk C:"] = {
 disk_partition = "C:"
 disk_units = "GB"
 disk_wfree = "10%"
 disk_cfree = "5%"

This is a working config we have on all our other Windows servers using v.

Am I doing something wrong?
Can I downgrade by simply installing version 2.3.4 over 2.3.11?
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