[icinga-users] Getting an unknown issue when configuring the "check_ceph" nrpe on Icinga2

Esteban Freire Garcia esteban.freiregarcia at surfsara.nl
Fri Nov 6 14:13:29 CET 2015

Hello all, We are configuring the "check_ceph" nrpe on Icinga2 to 
monitor our CEPH cluster. We are getting the following "UNKNOWN" 
notification on Icinga2 (I just have changed the name server for 

****** Icinga ***** Notification Type: PROBLEM Service: CephDash Host: 
icinga2_web_server Address: State: UNKNOWN Date/Time: 
2015-11-06 13:34:36 +0100 Additional Info: UNKNOWN: No JSON object could 
be decoded Comment: [] *

However, if I execute manually the nrpe plugin from the Icinga2 server, 
everything is ok (I just have changed the name server for 

*sudo -u nrpe /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_ceph -u 
https://icinga2_web_server/cephdash****OK: ceph cluster operates with no problems|bytes_total=1239716898816000 
num_pgs=10304 data_bytes=82007976131171 bytes_used=247044408623104 
num_osds=260 op_per_sec=305 num_up_osds=260 num_in_osds=260 
read_bytes_sec=20731690 write_bytes_sec=370172 bytes_avail=992672490192896*

I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Does anyone have any 
experience with it? Any help is welcome :) Thanks in advance, Esteban

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