[icinga-users] icinga2 agent error on Ubuntu 14.04

Bertalan Voros bertalan.voros at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 12:29:01 CET 2015

Hello All,

Because of a recurring problem with incorrect alerts from a certain ubuntu
host I attemped to remove and reinstall the agent to see if that makes a

The following process was used to uninstall the agent.

*apt-get purge icinga2*
*apt-get autoremove*

Then any remaining folders with the name icinga2 in them were manually

The node was also removed form the server.

*icinga2 node remove AffectedNodeHere*

*icinga2 node update-config*

*service icinga2 reload*

After having reinstalled icinga2 on the node the following errors could be
seen during the node wizard:

*information/cli: Disabling the Notification feature.*
*critical/cli: Cannot disable feature 'notification'. Target file
'/etc/icinga2/features-enabled/notification.conf' does not exist.*
*critical/cli: Cannot disable feature(s): notification*
*information/cli: Enabling the Apilistener feature.*
*critical/cli: Cannot enable feature 'api'. Source file
'/etc/icinga2/features-available/api.conf' does not exist.*
*critical/cli: Cannot enable feature(s): api*
*information/cli: Generating local zones.conf.*
*information/cli: Dumping config items to file '/etc/icinga2/zones.conf'.*
*critical/cli: chown() failed with error code 2, "No such file or
*warning/cli: Cannot set ownership for user 'nagios' group 'nagios' on path
'/etc/icinga2'. Verify it yourself!*
*information/cli: Updating constants.conf.*
*information/cli: Updating constants file '/etc/icinga2/constants.conf'.*
*information/cli: Updating constants file '/etc/icinga2/constants.conf'.*

Has anyone had a similar problem before?

The original problem was that the apt probe was generating an endless
stream of flapping between critical and warning even though there were no
outstanding packages.

Any help will be appreciated,
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