[icinga-users] Icinga2 - Ansible - Vagrant

Luc Stroobant lstroobant at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 20:17:57 CET 2015

Icinga has some Ansible examples on their github, but I didn't find them 
very useful. It's most of the time only a basic installation and you 
still have to execute manual steps to finish the installation.

So I spent some time to automate the full installation of an Icinga2 
master, the Icinga classic ui and Icingaweb2. The playbook also installs 
Icinga2 on another "monitored" boxs and configures it in the master. I 
really like Icinga and thought it was a good opportunity to share 
something with the community, so I cleaned up the code and pushed it to 

Feel free to try or to reuse the code if you want to deploy Icinga2. 
Questions, comments, pull request etc welcome. :)


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