[icinga-users] Overriding Ping4 thresholds

Lance Reed reed.r.lance at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 21:14:25 CET 2015

I suspect my question has been answered multiple times in the past,
but I am not easily finding answers so here goes.

I have multiple remote locations that use VPNs, so ping latency can
often go failure high and I get alerts on hosts and ping4 checks (the
default checks).

We use multiple custom vars for things like location, and environment etc.
Because of this it was easy to setup in each hosts file created via
puppet to override hostalive.


object Host "somehost.abcd.com" {
      import "generic-host"
  vars.ping_wrta = "500"
  vars.environment = "abcd"
  vars.customer_monitored = "true"
  vars.customer = "abcd"
  vars.ping_cpl = "30"

That works well.  However the default service checks are using default
attributes for ping4 which are not modified.

I am wondering what people use to override default values for existing
service checks that get applied.
Or do I have to modify what type of check gets used in my host object
and make sure the correct one is used much like hostalive.  I'd prefer
not to have any more Custom Vars added to each host object if

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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