[icinga-users] Multiple notes / action URLs?

Zachary McGibbon zachary.mcgibbon at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 14:55:43 CET 2015

I've been wondering about how notes and action URLs are handled in

I use them quite extensively to point to wiki documentation, other
monitoring systems (like Cacti) and now I want to link into Grafana however
it seems that I can only add one notes / action url per host or service?

The documentation seems to be lacking good explanation on these
configuration items.  That said, maybe these need a bit more development to
be able to add multiple entries and also descriptions?

Could use the same way that Mediawiki does to add the description by using
a pipe between the URL and the description?

Could it be done in an array?

Something like this:

object Host "switch1" {
import "generic_host"
address = ""
action_url [
"https://$HOSTADDRESS$/|Switch Web Interface",
"https://ticket-system/openticket.php?hostname=$HOSTNAME$|Open Ticket"
notes_url [
"https://wiki-server/Switch|Switch Documentation",
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