[icinga-users] Icinga services exec.

holo holosian at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 09:12:06 CET 2015

As it is my first mail to Icinga grop, first of all i wan to say hello
to everyone.

I can't find solution to  my problem. I want to check my servers with
Icinga2 but i have  problem with correct "place" of service execution.
I want some services to be monitored from master and some on remote
machine, but i can only choose right now between remote or local. Here
is my example configuration:


object Host "backup.domain.local" {
  name = "backup.dictionary.local"
  import "generic-host"

  address = ""

  vars.os = "Linux"
  vars.remote_client = "backup.domain.local"

  /* host specific check arguments */
  vars.users_wgreater = 10
  vars.users_cgreater = 20

  vars.notification["mail"] = {
    /* The UserGroup `icingaadmins` is defined in `users.conf`. */
    groups = [ "icingaadmins" ]



apply Service "ping4" {
  import "generic-service"

  check_command = "ping4"

  assign where host.address

apply Service "swap" {
  import "generic-service"

  check_command = "swap"

  assign where host.vars.remote_client
  ignore where host.name == NodeName

And now if i will  set up zones.conf in such way:

object Endpoint "manage.domain.local" {

object Endpoint "gwhost.domain.local" {

object Zone "master" {
        //this is the local node master named  = "master"
        endpoints = [ "manage.domain.local", "gwhost.domain.local" ]

every service is executed on my master instance which is
manage.dictionary.local and not showing proper swap values (not from
gwhost but from manager).  When i change Endpoint settings to look like

object Endpoint "gwhost.domain.local" {
	host = "gwhost.domain.local"

every service will is executed on gwhost.domain.local and now swap
service checking values on correct instance but in that case pings are
going to "localhost" not via network what is not desirable (same for
ssh service and so on). How to "tell" to some services that they need
to be started from master and only some of them on client/endpoint like
eg swap, disks check?

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