[icinga-users] Multi tiering for distributed monitoring?

Jay Newman Jay.Newman at esentire.com
Wed Nov 25 21:59:53 CET 2015

As my company is quickly changing and spreading out into various regions in the world, I am trying to stay ahead and set up distributed monitoring that is scaleable and includes the concept of local, regional, and global views.
Such as:
Zone 1 and Zone 2 are load balanced clusters in City 1 & City 2 in Region A.  Zone 1 and 2 each monitor devices & servers considered “local” to that data center.
A user local to Region A should be able to see the aggregated results of Zone 1 & 2.
Exactly the same for Zone 3 and 4 for Region B, and Zone 5 and 6 for Region C.
The master zone should receive results from all of the above zones and provide a global viewpoint.

The zones.conf would looking something like:
Object Endpoint “node1.zone1” { host = “node1.zone1” }
Object Endpoint “node2.zone1” { host = “node2.zone1” }
… and so on….

Object Zone “master” {
Endpoints = [ “master1.master”,”master2.master”] }

Object zone “regionA” { parent = “master”}
Object zone “regionB” { parent = “master”}
Object zone “regionC” { parent = “master”}

Object zone “zone1” {
Endpoints = [ “node1.zone1”,”node2.zone1”]
Parent = “regionA”

… and so on.

However, just about every example I have come across so far (perhaps just for ease of reading) has been based on 1 centralized master, with all satellites or satellite zones connecting directly to the master zone.
Setting this up in my lab has not worked correctly – and I am not sure if I am attempting to do something unsupported, or need a better example to work against.

Has anyone gone down this route and have any suggestions?

Jay Newman

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