[icinga-users] Beginners question smtpauth check

Andreas Grabner andreas.grabner at fenz-software.at
Thu Nov 26 11:48:02 CET 2015


i used nagios around 10 years ago. Now I start with incinga and have some questions. The most concrete is:

I want to check a SMTP Server with TLS and authentication. The setup on a debian jessie looks like this:

object Host "any.host.at" {
  import "generic-host"
  address = "any.host.at"
  // address6 = "::1"
  vars.os = "Windows"
  vars.smtp_authtype = "LOGIN"
  vars.smtp_authuser = "user1"
  vars.smtp_authpass = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  vars.smtp_starttls = true
  vars.smtp_mail_from = "xxxx at xxxxx.at"
  /* Define notification mail attributes for notification apply rules in `notifications.conf`. */
  vars.notification["mail"] = {
    /* The UserGroup `icingaadmins` is defined in `users.conf`. */
    groups = [ "icingaadmins" ]

Icinga2 reports:  SMTP CRITICAL - no authuser specified, 0.143 sec. response time

Now I can not find the "CheckCommand" definition. I read about  "include <itl>" "include <plugins>"
What may be wrong?


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