[icinga-users] Verify icinga2 is running first on 'reload'

Assaf Flatto icinga at flatto.net
Thu Nov 26 15:41:43 CET 2015

Why do you want to make the dependency of checking your config on the 
fact that your system is running ?
if you want to test the config on a node before it goes up, it will fail 
cause the system is not running.

If you want to adapt your individual system, Hey it is open source so 
you can modify it, but consider all the options prior to breaking the 
known working flow.

I see the logic in both approaches, but I suspect that for many users 
the current method is the preferred order.


On 26/11/15 16:10, Zachary McGibbon wrote:
> I'm wondering if it would be good to add a check 
> in /usr/lib/icinga2/safe-reload to check if icinga is running before 
> doing a config check? would save some time? Right now it runs the 
> config check and then sees if icinga is running.
> - Zachary
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