[icinga-users] Syncing CheckCommand

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at icinga.open.source.it
Wed Jan 4 20:09:07 CET 2017

On Wednesday 04 January 2017 at 19:50:54, isaac rodriguez wrote:

> Hey Antony,
> Thank you for the response, and yes the CheckCommand was defined in the
> global zone. I just foolishly forgot to restart icinga on the client
> node. Once I did that, all the config options were pushed to the node as
> expected.


> My new question is that, if I create a custom plugin. Does the plugin
> also have to live on the client as well as the master? Currently I put
> new plugins in /usr/lib/nagios/plugins on the master. Would those
> plugins also have to be placed on the clients?

Yes - this is one of the biggest "inconveniences" I see with Icinga2's 
distributed / hierarchical mode - everything can be configured from the top-
level master, and gets distributed out to your entire network, but you still 
need to install the plugins themselves on all the nodes *by some other means*.

Personally I'd like to see some sort of "puppet / ansible / salt / chef" 
service added in to Icinga2, so that it can synchronise the plugin directories 
between nodes, as well as the configuration directories.

Okay, there would be incompatibilities to sort out somehow - for example I 
have a mixture of AMD64, i386 and ARM machines in my Icinga network, so they 
all need different binaries for compiled plugins, but I'm sure that's not an 
insurmountable obstacle :)

However, for the time being, you're right, the plugins need to be installed on 
all the client nodes (or at least, all the nodes which run those checks) and 
Icinga can't do this for you.


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