[icinga-users] Any way to adjust service grid colours without recompiling?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at icinga.open.source.it
Wed Jan 4 23:01:23 CET 2017


There are many different colours used in the service grid display 
http://your.icinga.tld/icingaweb2/monitoring/list/servicegrid - I attach an 
example from my own system showing:

 - green (good)
 - red (critical alert)
 - pink (critical alert, acknowleged)
 - yellow (warning)
 - pale yellow (warning, acknowleged)
 - purple (check timeout)

I suspect there can be other colours shown too sometimes.

I'd like to know if it's possible to change the colours used for these 
statuses without recompiling icingaweb2 - is there a config file somewhere, 
saying what RGB values to use for each status, which I could edit and get the 
new colours shown, maybe just with an Apache2 restart, or maybe even just by 
waiting for the next screen update?



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