[icinga-users] Master vs. Global-Templates Directory

isaac rodriguez isaac.rodriguez at focusae.com
Thu Jan 5 23:08:30 CET 2017

Hello everyone,

I am using a command endpoint configuration on icinga2 and following the 
docs, I created a directory /etc/icinga2/zones.d/master on the master 
node to hold my host, service, and command info. But, in trying to sync 
configurations to all my clients, the docs recommended creating a 
directory /etc/icinga2/zones.d/global-templates on both master and 
client nodes. My question is that I am confused about what configuration 
files go into either one.

Also, I am having trouble restarting icinga2 on my nodes because there 
are definition conflicts. I am told that my objects are defined in both  
/var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/global-templates and 
/var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/local-node-name. I tried removing the 
/local-node-name directory, but I think it is being automatically created.


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