[icinga-users] Icinga2 reduce network data usage

Vikas Tiwari vikaskt14 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 14:13:48 CET 2017


I am testing Icinga2 as a monitoring tool for our infrastructure which will
monitor close to 3000 nodes.

I have a top down config sync. There is a single master and and there are
no fail overs(for now). The clients(behind NAT) connect to the master

I have configured around 20 passive checks on each client. What i have
observed is that the heartbeats from both the ends i.e the master and the
clients are very aggressive which ping every 10 seconds.

Further the JSONRPC pings are as frequent as 5 seconds, there is also a lot
of other data exchanged between the client and the master. This all leads
to high consumption of network data, Given we have limited  data on the
client machines we cannot afford to spend this much data just for

Currently, per hour 800-900 KB is consumed.Out of this only around 300KB
seems to be the check output. Check intervals are 6 minutes.

The hearbeat and other intervals are hard coded in the source code itself
which will be my last option.

Is there any other way i can reduce the network data consumption. ?

Vikas Tiwari
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