[icinga-users] Problem: puppetdb + hiera + example3 = zone.pp -> ... is not an array. It looks to be a String at ... zone.pp:51 *SOLVED*

Denny Fuchs linuxmail at 4lin.net
Tue Jan 17 10:31:04 CET 2017


for anybody who has the same problem with the example3:

* Install puppetdb with Postgres, because builtin is deprecated
* Puppet 3.7> is required (bug in parser)
* Puppet 3.8 is in the backports from Jessie :-)
* future parser is _required_
** puppet.conf -> [main] -> parser=future
** environment.conf -> parser = future
* Run was than successful, but forgotten / wrong in 

so the Master endpoint wasn't set.

If puppetdb was used for the first time/tests and you got the error: 
"...is not an array. It looks to be a String ..." cleanup the database 
and get rid of the first runs !

* First let run puppet agent on the icinga master, than on the agents.

Take care: after parser = future -> had to "fix" some manifests issues 

@David: big thanks!

cu denny

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