[icinga-users] host alive check command and master/satellites

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Thu Jan 19 13:49:50 CET 2017

Hi, I have hosts setup a like: ---- zones.d/global/hosts.conf template
Host "noisy-host" { import "generic-host" } template Host "generic-host"
{ max_check_attempts = 10 check_interval = 5m retry_interval = 30s
check_command = "hostalive" } ----

---- zones.d/satellite/main.conf object Host "satellite" { import
address = "" display_name = "satellite.example.org" vars.os =
"FreeBSD" vars.virtual = "vmware" } ---- I then have a : ----
zones.d/master/ssh.conf apply Service "ssh" { import "generic-service"
check_command = "ssh" if (zone) {zone = "master"} # if satellite, force
check in master assign where (host.address || host.address6) &&
host.vars.os == "FreeBSD" } ---- I had to add the if (zone) line to make
sure the check was run on the master and not on the satellite.

but then, I have the problem that the host's check_command is not a
separate service I can fiddle with and run where I want, it is always
run on the satellite, which makes little sense, as it is always going to
be alive locally.

So, I am wondering, how do I get the host's check_command to be run not
on the satellite but on the master ?

Mathieu Arnold

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