[icinga-users] Notification Not Sending

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at icinga.com
Fri Jan 20 17:52:38 CET 2017

> On 20 Jan 2017, at 17:50, isaac rodriguez <isaac.rodriguez at focusae.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm writing to you because I am having some issues with notifications. I have a notification object with interval of 0, times.begin set to 30m and triggers when a service in the group it's assigned to goes critical. I can tell the notification is correctly applied to its specified services because in Icinga Web, all those services have the right contacts and contact groups listed that were defined in the Notification. My issue is that after one of those services goes down for 30 min, a notification is not sent, and I can't seem to figure out why.

Can you provide more details please?

Version: icinga2 --version
Config objects involved (icinga2 object list w/ Host, Service, Notification, User)
Standalone master, or HA
Debuglog context from the specific notification object which does not seem to trigger a notification

Kind regards,

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