[icinga-users] host alive check command and master/satellites

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Fri Jan 20 18:03:58 CET 2017

Le 20/01/2017 à 11:46, Joosten, Markus a écrit :
> On 2017-01-20 11:33, Antony Stone wrote:
>> On Friday 20 January 2017 at 10:00:28, Joosten, Markus wrote:
>>> I have solved this issue by also having my satellite hosts in my master
>>> zone (with a reduced amount of services of course).
>> Would you care to expand on that?
>> How do you get one host to be in more than one zone (since I assume your
>> satellite hosts exist in their own satellite zone, hence your use of
>> "also"
>> there)?
>> I was under the impression that one EndPoint existed in only one
>> Zone, and
>> (unless you have an HA setup) one Zone contains only one EndPoint;
>> further,
>> each Host belongs to one Zone (although obviously one Zone can contain
>> multiple Hosts).
> Sorry if I wrote this easy to misunderstand, one host is only member
> of a single zone of course.
> Beside the host objects in the satellite zones (the satellites
> checking themselves) I also create similarly named hosts in my master
> zone (the master checks each satellite), e.g.:
> - host customer001-satellite in zone master
> - host customer001-satellite-local in zone customer001
> Hope that helps clarifying what I meant :)

Well, I could do that, yes, but, well, it means I'll have twice the
number of hosts than I have, it is not really going to be fun to
manage... :-(

I have created a "hostalive" check for all my satellites and force the
zone to be "master", but it is not connected to the host has being the
"I'm alive" check.

Mathieu Arnold

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