[icinga-users] host alive check command and master/satellites

Mathieu Arnold mat at mat.cc
Sat Jan 21 09:13:45 CET 2017

Le 20/01/2017 à 20:16, Antony Stone a écrit :
> On Friday 20 January 2017 at 18:25:40, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
>> Le 20/01/2017 à 10:00, Joosten, Markus a écrit :
>>> Also, I recommend you have a look at the "cluster" and "cluster-zone"
>>> commands, which check the icinga2
>> I have the cluster, cluster-zone, and icinga checks running, yes, but
>> they are not linked to the "is this host alive" check.
>>> connectivity between master and satellites, I would use this as host
>>> alive check command instead of SSH, if you are interested in
>>> monitoring the availability of your satellites :-)
>> The SSH check was just an example. While there are many checks that it
>> makes sense to run on the satellite directly (like, say, is nginx
>> running), it makes more sense to run the network related checks (like,
>> port 443 is listening, it has a non expired certificate, and the vhost
>> https:://www.example.org works) some place else, on the master, for
>> example.
> Have you looked at the "command_endpoint" attribute of the Service check?

I have seen it, but the vagueness of its description, "The endpoint where commands are executed on." did not really tell me that it is going to restrict itself to the check_command for the host.

Mathieu Arnold

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