[icinga-users] Business Process module

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at icinga.open.source.it
Mon Jan 23 23:50:43 CET 2017

On Monday 23 January 2017 at 22:11:10, Garrett Pye wrote:

> Apologize to ask a basic question. The Business Module is an essential
> tools want to use in lab testing before production. However, after
> unzipping the file the feature is not available to enable/disable.

Where did you unzip it to?

> What did I miss from the readme file?
> https://github.com/Icinga/icingaweb2-module-businessprocess
> # icinga2 feature list
> Disabled features: debuglog gelf graphite influxdb notification opentsdb
> perfdata statusdata syslog
> Enabled features: api checker command compatlog ido-mysql livestatus
> mainlog

It's not a feature, it's a module.

Go to http://you.icinga2.ser.ver/icingaweb2/config/modules and see if you have 
one there labelled "businessprocess".  If you have, click on it and enable it.  
If you haven't, you probably didn't unzip the module to the correct directory 
(I would use /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/ )


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