[icinga-users] Problem with timestamps in Icinga Web 2 (difference of an hour) -- solved, but not elegantly

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+icinga at ijs.si
Wed Jan 25 17:46:08 CET 2017

Dominik Schramm wrote:
> since the upgrade of icinga2 from version 2.5.4-1~ppa1~xenial1 to 
> version 2.6.0-2~ppa1~xenial2
> and of icingaweb2 from version 2.3.4+fix-1~ppa1604+1 to version 
> 2.4.0-1~ppa1604+1 Icinga Web 2
> gets all sorts of timestamps wrong (e. g. of the last and next checks, 
> of comments, of acknowledgement).
> https://lists.icinga.org/pipermail/icinga-users/2017-January/011605.html

Just stumbled across your posting, investigating this very same problem 
pestering us.

Seems the issue has recently been resolved:


I hope the 2.6.1 and the corresponding icinga web2 update gets released 


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