[icinga-users] Icinga2 client with all hosts stuck in pending

Matthew Herzog matthew.herzog at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 15:40:59 CET 2017

Hello all.

My Icinga2 master and slave are running version r2.7.1-1.
on CentOS 7.4.1708. Icingaweb2 version is icingaweb2-2.4.2-1.el7.
I'm not using Director but Director is installed.

Both the master and client print an error on startup.

[2017-11-02 07:16:05 -0700] information/Application: Got reload command:
Starting new instance.
[2017-11-02 07:16:06 -0700] critical/Application: Found error in config:
reloading aborted

So all my newly written configs for monitored hosts stay stuck in state

I have a thread containing more info here:

Thanks for any suggestions.
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