[icinga-users] Error running icinga2 v2.9.0

Peter Eckel lists at eckel-edv.de
Mon Jul 23 10:35:20 CEST 2018

Hi Usman, 

> Yes, it is a new installation. I am on a new SLE-SP3.  I did install
> the icinga2-ido-mysql package.  And there is
> /usr/lib64/icinga2/libmysql_shim.so.2.9.0. But but it cannot be found.
> One thing I used CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON while building. Is this the
> problem?

um ... building? Is there any particular reason why you don't use the pre-built (and tested) RPM from <http://packages.icinga.com/SUSE/> for installing?


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