[icinga-users] Custom plugin Countdownto reports WARNING

Odermatt Nicolas nicolas.odermatt at fhnw.ch
Wed Jul 25 15:11:13 CEST 2018

Hi guys

I'm having trouble installing the plugin countdown_to [0] in Icinga2 with Icingaweb2 and Icingadirector.

The thing is that local execution works:

root at server1100:/tmp# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/countdown_to_date.php --date 2013-02-11 --warning 60 --critical 30
CRITICAL: 1990 days have past since 2013-02-11

And that Permissions are properly (according to the other plugins):

root at server1100:/tmp# ls -la /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ | grep count
-rwxrwx--x 1 root root 48139 Jul 25 12:44 countdown_to_date.php

But I get the following error message in the GUI:


I tried to remove the "-q" option from line 1 from the script, like was suggested on stackoverflow [1] but that didn't work.

Here's the command definition also:

object CheckCommand "Countdown" {
   import "plugin-check-command"
   command = [
       PluginDir + "/countdown_to_date.php",

Has anyone an idea what I'm missing?



PS: I know that the date I'm passing doesn't make a lot of sense, but its a POC at the moment ;-)

[0] https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Others/countdown_to_date/details

[1] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4567688/problems-with-a-php-shell-script-could-not-open-input-file


bash - Problems with a PHP shell script: "Could not open input file" - Stack Overflow<https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4567688/problems-with-a-php-shell-script-could-not-open-input-file>
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countdown_to_date - Nagios Exchange<https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Others/countdown_to_date/details>
Nagios Exchange - The official site for hundreds of community-contributed Nagios plugins, addons, extensions, enhancements, and more!

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