[icinga-users] reset the scheduling of a service

Jacquelin Charbonnel jacquelin.charbonnel at univ-angers.fr
Fri Mar 16 09:28:58 CET 2018

Complements : when I try to reschedule checks, I get on the web interface :

icinga2: Connection timed out after 30001 milliseconds.

What's wrong ?

Le 15/03/2018 à 19:10, Jacquelin Charbonnel a écrit :
> Thanks you, Rodrigo,
>      I have seen end tried these links, but theirs actions are not immediate. So 
> it's not easy to see if they really do something...
> Le 15/03/2018 à 19:00, Rodrigo Hernandez a écrit :
>> Hi Jacquelin,
>> There are a couple of options on the Icinga web interface to do this. Under 
>> the "Check execution" section of the service, you can reschedule the checks or 
>> submit a passive one with the "Process check result" link. I prefer the latter 
>> because you can change the message to something like "This is a test" for 
>> better tracking on the History section.

Jacquelin Charbonnel - (+33)2 4173 5397
CNRS Mathrice/LAREMA - Campus universitaire d'Angers

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