[icinga-users] Graphing disk space in kibana/grafana with icingabeat

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at icinga.com
Wed Mar 21 08:22:45 CET 2018

Cross-post from here: https://monitoring-portal.org/t/graphing-disk-usage-with-grafana-kibana-using-elasticsearch-as-data-source/1750


> On 20. Mar 2018, at 19:23, Nimigean Horatiu <seccentral2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, 
> I'd like to see graphs of disk space over time on several servers. 
> At the moment I configured icinga2 to monitor disk space usage via ssh and all is good on the icingaweb interface. 
> I installed icingabeat and can browse the default setup-created dashboards in kibana. 
> I even made several graphs in grafana.
> I however don't know how to query for specific disk usage data. Where should i look ? do i need to define custom fields in /etc/icingabeat/fields.yml and then create a new index ? Is disk usage data even sent to my es cluster ?
> A bit lost on this. 
> Any help is welcome, thank you :)
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