[icinga-users] http://my.ser.ver/icingaweb2 change?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at icinga.open.source.it
Mon Oct 22 12:09:48 CEST 2018


I'm wondering what is the best / recommended way to change "icingaweb2" in the 
standard URL for accessing the Icinga web portal from a browser.

So, instead of http://my.ser.ver/icingaweb2/ I'd like to have something like 

I can see where to change this in the Apache config file, but there are clearly 
some "/icingaweb2/" paths embedded into the PHP code under 
/usr/share/icingaweb2, so I'm wondering:

a) whether there's a convenient way to change these other than just going 
through with an editor by hand

b) whether it can be done in a way which is upgrade-safe, so I don't lose the 
whole thing next time Icingaweb2 gets updated

For info, I'm currently using icinga 2.10.1 and icingaweb 2.6.1 under Debian 9 

If the answer is "rebuild Icinga from source with the following option", fair 
enough, but since that breaks my package management and updates, I'd really 
like to find a way of doing this on an already-installed system.



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