[icinga-users] http://my.ser.ver/icingaweb2 change?

Peter Eckel lists at eckel-edv.de
Mon Oct 22 12:40:37 CEST 2018

Hi Anthony, 

to keep this completely out of the reach of Icinga Web 2 upgrades, I'd set up a simple reverse proxy in front of Icinga Web 2. You can even run it within the same web server instance as Icinga Web 2 itself.

On the other hand, I have heavily modified icingaweb2.conf in Apache, and it hasn't been touched by any update yet (which is what I would expect from a properly written RPM). Downside to this: If something really needs to change (as with the migration from ModPHP to php-fpm with version 2.5), you'll need to port it manually. 



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