[icinga-users] Icingaweb2 wizard with postgres fails

Bernd Nachtigall bnacht at web.de
Thu Feb 14 08:17:13 CET 2019

Am 13.02.19 um 23:47 schrieb Andreas Kasenides:
> This is exactly how the (non-)Wizard behaves for me also. A total waste
> of a lot of precious time with documentation that is misleading on
> various points and outright wrong on others. But I guess there is always
> paid support.

You got it ;-)

Build a wizard with a nice design what lead the user into a dark wood
and let him alone there ... and then offer a paid specialist for this
higly complex installation.

Unfortunately I have seen this at a lot of 'open source' solutions. One
company makes a fork and forces the development of this fork but then
added some no open source parts for urgent functions ... and offer paid

... But we can go back and fork again ;-)


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