[icinga-users] Icingaweb2 wizard with postgres fails

Markus Joosten markus.joosten at plumbe.de
Thu Feb 14 08:44:54 CET 2019

Am 2019-02-14 08:17, schrieb Bernd Nachtigall:
> You got it ;-)
> Build a wizard with a nice design what lead the user into a dark wood
> and let him alone there ... and then offer a paid specialist for this
> higly complex installation.
Wow, I really can't tell if you are trolling or being serious.
For now I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and will assume that 
you are serious and just don't know any better.

I'd consider changing a PostgreSQL's pg_hba.conf a pretty basic task, 
quite the opposite of "highly complex".

That installation step you mentioned is even mentioned in the docs: 
(the part where it says to locate your pg_hba.conf and enable md5 

Also, you could have always chosen to go the MySQL route, which for some 
reason you didn't do.

> Unfortunately I have seen this at a lot of 'open source' solutions. One
> company makes a fork and forces the development of this fork but then
> added some no open source parts for urgent functions ... and offer paid
> support.
Please show me one single aspect of Icinga2 or Icingaweb2 that is not 
fully open sourced.

So you aren't even reading the provided docs properly and complain that 
paid support is being offered? I guess that's what you have to literally 
pay for, when you don't read the provided docs.

And guess what, there is always community based support over at 
http://monitoring-portal.org (currently down for maintenance), and even 
the actual devs (which are available for hire) offer advice FOR FREE.

> ... But we can go back and fork again ;-)
No offense, but if you describe the Icingaweb2 setup as highly complex, 
I doubt you understand the complexity of maintaining such a project and 
everything that is involved, also Icinga2 and Icingaweb2 are written 
from the ground up, both haven't been forked from anything.


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